First formed in 2017, SWVL is a Cairo based application developed by three Egyptian entrepreneurs. The application is based on a bus transit system. Which brings together riders, opting for the same fixed route every day or often. The bus-hauling application charges a nominal price with no extra charges. Number one Transportation App With Fixed Line and Fare. Get Your Ride In Minutes.

SWVL aims and funding.

This application is almost 70% cheaper than opting for your own ride or transport. Seeing the success of the application, co-founder Mostafa Khalil has been receiving funds in millions. The company aims to grow and become a multibillion-dollar company. All three co-founders believe in developing robust-high tech logistics for their company. The purpose of developing the application was to overcome the struggle of commuting on a daily basis. 

The glorious team

Three enthusiastic entrepreneurs founded SWVL. And within the span of 20 months, the company has grown tremendously. The company also has a strong professional team. Most recently, Rafael Coronel, the founder of Cabify has joined SWVL’s team. Also, the executive of Rocket Internet and head of business development for Air Arabia has joined the team.

SWVL business and marketing strategy

SWVL’s business strategy stems from a social cause. The founder recognized day to day issues faced by commuters. Which included; finding convenient, reliable, and affordable transport modes. Also, many commuters weren’t satisfied with the public transport provided. The founders also knew that as an emerging or developing economy there is always a trade-off. The dilemma faced is whether to opt for reliability which is expensive. Or choose public transport which is inexpensive but highly inconvenient. Thus, the development of the SWVL application bridged the gap. 

Since its development, SWVL has tremendously grown. Above all, the app is able to book hundreds and thousands of bookings every month. The network now includes more than 200 routes in Egypt alone.

SWVL plans to invest in Pakistan

We all know the situation of public transport in Pakistan. Major issues ensue, inconvenience, unreliability, eve-teasing, and gender discrimination. SWVL, in Pakistan, will be extremely successful.  In addition, this initiative would rapidly change the dynamics of public transport. There is a huge potential market in Pakistan. Especially, pertaining to the three major cities: Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.  

SWVL’s branding strategy is all about commuting safely and conveniently. They also prioritize affordable conveyance as their branding strategy.  This platform will be extremely beneficial for youngsters going to college and universities. This will help save a lot of money in terms of fuel and wear tear. 

SWVL Pakistan

SWVL plans to set its business in Pakistan by 2023. Almost 10,000 jobs will be created if the venture is successfully set up. Therefore, SWVL in Pakistan will also pave the way for more startups and opportunities. Which is a much-needed initiative for our struggling economy. Where high unemployment and inflation have taken precedence.

SWVL Routes in Pakistan

Swvl initially will be launching in Lahore, Islamabad-Rawalpindi and Karachi with the following three routes:

SWVL Routes in Lahore

  • Wapda Town – DHA
  • Bahria Town – Mall Road
  • DHA – Gulberg – Jail Rd – Badamibagh

SWVL Routes in Islamabad -Rawalpindi

  • Bahria Town Phase 4 – Blue Area – Jinnah Super F-7
  • Westridge 3 – Faizabad – Jinnah Super F-7
  • Wah Cantt – Kashmir Highway – Jinnah Super F-7

SWVL Routes in Karachi

  • M.T Khan Road – I. I Chundrigarh – Saddar – North Karachi
  • Buffer Zone – North NazimabadSaddar – M.T Khan Road
  • Clifton – Shahrah e FaisalGulshan e Iqbal – North Nazimabad

SWVL Empowering Women

The bus-hauling company also aims to empower women. By providing them a safe conveyance option to travel to and fro. The good thing is, the company already has Pakistani employs in their team. And considers Pakistan as the second-largest market for their application. Thus, this venture will prove extremely beneficial as a whole.

What are your views about the bus-hauling application?