Are you ready for a global shopping spree?

The global shopping festival has taken precedence all over the world. But do you know the mystery behind the date ‘11.11’. Basically, the Chinese came up with an all ‘singles’ holiday’ just like the date. The day is dedicated to singles in China, hence to celebrate, they offer major discounts throughout the country. The trend has now taken precedence all over. 

Alibaba breaks last year’s record with hours to spare

This year the 11.11 global shopping festival in both online and offline markets has been extremely successful. Alibaba, in 2019 Chinese conglomerate has broken its previous year’s records with hours to spare. 2018 sales record was totaled at $30.8 billion. However, this year Alibaba was able to break last year’s record in 16.5 hours. This year the Chinese conglomerate was able to generate $38.4 billion! The company generated a whopping $18 million within two hours after the sale commenced. 

This year almost 180,000 brands from 78 countries participated in the event. And 200,000 offline stores participated in the grand event. Including Apple, L’Oreal, and Dyson. Safe to say, Alibaba surpassed Amazon Prime Day sales with a huge margin. 11.11 or a single day has proven extremely beneficial for US brands. The brands had access to the almost $2 trillion Chinese e-commerce market. Also, Alibaba has a ‘Tmall Innovation Centre which ensues retail analytics. Through these analytics, Alibaba was able to provide beneficial feedback to every brand involved. The system has a continuous loop that enables feedback and implements changes. 

Daraz follows suite

Daraz known for its marketing strategy follows suit. Just like Alibaba, Daraz presents the Daraz 11 11 Sale 2020 event. Daraz created a lot of buzz before announcing the sale event. They decided to send constant reminders to people via social media and SMS. The strategy, however, has been very successful. Last year in a span of only 5 days, the company had over 3 million customers. Over millions of orders have been placed on the website. Daraz also has an android application and plans to serve almost 10 million customers. 

How is Daraz handling millions of orders?

The company has exclusively invested in building a robust infrastructure. Both the application and website have been running smoothly without any errors or lag. Daraz has employed an additional 1000 to 3000 agents to cater delivery country-wide. They have also ensured measures to reduce delivery time by a day or two. The company has amped-up its customer care service as well. There are online agents available to cater to your requests and queries promptly. Also, the company has improved its warehouse storage capacity. Not only in Karachi but they now have facilities available in Lahore and Islamabad as well. For better utilization of space, Daraz has installed a conveyor belt. Daraz has almost 30% of its products stored in the facility. This ensures swift delivery for its consumers. 

The mega event has also partnered with banks for swift online payments. Including Silk Bank, Alfalah, HBL, and MCB. You can also get the latest phones and laptops easily available on installment plans provided by the banks. That too on 0% markup or interest charges. 

Let’s just say: ‘being single has its perks!’