Srishti Warman, an Indian student paid $68000 to do an MBA from Cambridge University’s Judge Business school. However, Warman’s dream to continue her studies came crashing down only six months later.  Unfortunately, she had to complete her degree online at her home in Chandigarh, North India. Warman had high hopes and aspirations about her future. Her plans included spending this time in the United Kingdom opting for a prestigious internship. Which would have helped further her career and paved the way for a full-time job. International students facing COVID-19 and how it may impact their study abroad plans. What are they worried about? let’s find out:

The global pandemic besides health woes but has also resulted in millions of people losing their jobs. Majorly due to lockdown and staunch restrictions. None of the countries were prepared for the pandemic that resulted in thousands of deaths. The healthcare workers are risking their lives every day to bring the pandemic under control. Whilst navigating around such extraneous circumstances including dwindling medical supplies. 

Warman is just one example; there are thousands of other overseas students who have paid a fortune to study in the world’s best universities. But now, they have to stay back in their native countries and resume studying via online sessions. The sad reality also pertains to the fact that many students with dreams and aspirations to land a job, now have to suffer even more. There is a hiring freeze everywhere with the economy downtrodden sue to high unemployment and inflation. Also, travel bans and restrictions to ensue precautions and stop the virus from spreading have led to further disruptions. 

International students

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many international students are also suffering due to uncertain prospects. Thousands of students have borrowed huge sums of money from banks with no means or source of paying the debt. This has further led to frustration as interest compiles with no job opportunity in pursuit. Also, taking online classes after paying a fortune is leading to depression and anxiety in many. Furthermore, these students have been robbed off of the opportunity to make important social and professional connections. One of the benefits of studying abroad is meeting equally accomplished colleagues. In this way, international students have the opportunity to form powerful connections. 

MBA from prestigious universities

An MBA from prestigious universities including Stanford can cost up to $150,000. Imagine paying up a fortune only to resort to online sessions via zoom application. The pandemic is challenging every aspect including ripping off people with a source of income and students with viable opportunities to pursue.