The trepidation and despondency surrounding the global pandemic have led our spirits down the dump. The rampant virus has confined humans in complete lockdown, with authorities alike only asking them to go out during emergency situations. Humans are social animals and due to the global pandemic, the one thing we cherish the most has been taken away indefinitely. The hopelessness and frustration during COVID-19 is an all-time high. Despite this, many institutions, celebrities, and famous figures have stepped forward and are doing everything in their capacity to lift our spirits. Pertaining to the panic-stricken state filled with uncertainty, here is an inspirational video by the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi.

The video showcases beautiful shots of the city with captions to reckon our thought process. There is a heartfelt message which ponders this time as a way for our planet Earth to heal. The video perturbs our emotions in a good way and ensues the fact that we can use this time to be thankful. Also, use this time to reflect on our ancestors and their efforts to build a peaceful nation wherein, all nationalities are welcomed with open arms. 

The department of tourism has come up with a great message to instill hope around the world. Instead of contemplating the negative side of the lockdown, for a change consider this situation in a positive light. We can use this time to rethink our actions and better ourselves. Also, revel in the fact that the whole world despite viable differences has united together in their efforts to bring the global pandemic under control. 

The United Arab Emirates has long since attracted tourists and visitors alike. From natural wonders to historical marvels to delicious cuisines to relish. The place is a safe abode to rejuvenate and vacation. Through this video, the tourism department wants people to know that despite gloom and dejection, there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.