Social Media in Pakistan is evolving the way world moves. In our data-backed social media trends analysis, we have covered essential insights for your brand to consider. In social media brand wars, to stay competitive you can’t work with outdated assumptions. Understand your audience and their preferences for engaging with brands on social media.

To understand which social media platform people use in Pakistan to discover brands like yours? In this analysis we have covered the following:

Social Media Global Overview

In Internet adoption new milestone has been achieved, 12½ trillion hours spent online (Source: We Are Social). As per the report globally, social media users reached 4.74 Billion. Globally total internet users have reached 5.07 billion & 5.48 billion mobile phone users.

The main reason for using social media in Pakistan is to keep in touch with friends and family. Secondly, filling spare time. Thirdly, reading news stories. This shows what type of content your users are looking for.

social media trends globally
Source: We are Social & Hootsuit

Global monthly active WhatsApp users are 2 billion. However, female users as a percentage of total female & male users are 46.3% whereas, male users as a percentage of total female & male users are 53.7%.

Social Media in Pakistan

Overall there are 71.70 million social media users in Pakistan, which is 31.5% of the total population of 227.3 Million (73% male social media users vs. total social media users) (27% female social media users vs. total social media users).

Social Media in Pakistan
Source: We are Social & Hootsuit

YouTube is Pakistan’s most-used social media platform with a potential ad audience of 71.40 million. The YouTube audience is 86.5% of total internet users (82.90 Million) in Pakistan & 31.5% of the total population (227.3 Million) in Pakistan.

Internet Users in Pakistan 2022

According to the Digital report published by We Are Social & Hootsuit there are 82.90 million internet users in Pakistan.

As per the recent updates of October 2022 by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) below are the updated numbers.

Internet users in Pakistan - Trends by PTA




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