Zara Khan and Zenubia Khan become the youngest Microsoft Power Platform Certified Professionals at the age of 10.  By doing this they have become the youngest to have the certification and the youngest twin pair in the world to pass Microsoft Power Platform Certification. Till 8 years of age, they have not used laptops or mobile but the Geniuses become the youngest Power platform professionals by 10. Both sisters developed an interest in software during the pandemic when their father was working from home.

Microsoft’s Power Platform is a group of products that develop and build complex business solutions, analyze and draw data visualizations, automate a business process, or build virtual agents for communication.  Power products offer a platform in which no code is required to build applications.

Zara and Zenubia’s father also has a background in technology and stimulated his daughter’s interest by replying to their tech questions. The girls learned about the platform and programming through self-learning websites on the internet. During their free time, they learned about the software.

Arfa Karim the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Talk about the youngest Microsoft geniuses is incomplete without remembering Arfa Karim. The 9th death anniversary of Computer Prodigy Arfa Karim, the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) is being observed today.  She passed away on 14 January 2012 following a cardiac arrest. She represented Pakistan at various international forums and was also invited by Bill Gates to visit Microsoft Headquarters in the United States. She is the pride of Pakistan.

The twins Zara and Zenubia hope that their accomplishment will inspire more kids especially girls to participate in Information Technology. Zara and Zenubia made Pakistan Proud!