technology has taken over our daily lives, getting familiar with different technologies is a must. With the advent of technology, the world has become a global village. The eagerness of the young generation to learn new technologies demand sophisticated technological platform. That’s where the DYS steps in.

The Digital Youth Summit (DYS) came with the aim of providing a platform for the youth where they are exposed to the latest technological innovations. It is more like a technology-based conference focusing on in-depth knowledge of applied sciences and its applications. This conference takes place annually in the city of Peshawar, Pakistan.

Since the onset of this summit, this event has become an exemplary innovation for this country. It is specified by its goals of youth empowerment and digital awareness among the young population. Along with that, this summit attracts high-profile local and international attendees as well. The basic aim of DSY is to bring together:

“The future digital innovators of Pakistan”.

The main objective of DSY is to attract three audiences:

  • National and International Tech leader.
  • The Nascent startup community.
  • Youth looking forward to innovation and novelty.

Apart from this, the former finance minister of Pakistan Asad Umar, the keynote speaker at Digital Youth Summit (DYS) 2019 said in very clear words that the youth of this country need to enhance their skills of IT as the technology holds the future. Also, he congratulated the whole team for the success of DSY and wished them good luck for the future.

The events held at DSY 2019 covered various areas of science and technology; some of them include:

  • “Towards a Knowledge Economy” which was delivered by Dr. Asad Umar himself.
  • “The century of Biology: The next big data and engineering discipline” delivered by Dr. Faisal Khan.
  • “Fake news identification and eradication” by Farhad Ahmed.


Digital Youth Summit (DYS) 2019 was intended to be a unique platform to cluster technological and digital advances in one place. It can be said that it was largely successful in doing so.