The power of social media can change your life in an instant. #KFCProposal A South African couple’s story is a testimony to this notion. Be it a grass-root movement, or political campaigns or dissemination of information, digital platforms have set forth a motion. Here is exactly what went down. A guy proposed his beloved girlfriend for marriage in Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Most of us are huge fanatics of the ‘finger lickin good’ crispy chicken and hot fries. However, a proposal in the fast-food restaurant had people jumping to conclusions and indulging into pale debauchery.

A twitter user posted the picture of a happy couple at KFC and mocked them for being broke and poor. Not only was the tweet in bad taste but also reverberated stereotypical-crass behavior. The only good thing about the tweet was the hashtag #KFCProposal which ensued support and experience for a lifetime.

In response to the users’ tweet, official KFC South Africa asked Mzansi people to collaborate and find the couple and those with strong leads will be awarded. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Immediately Woolworths SA, an Australian chain of supermarkets, announced an R15k voucher for the couple.

Coco-Cola announced free drinks to be offered at their wedding and asked the couple to inbox them. Rain, a telco company in response offered unlimited data for a whole year.

Not only this, but Emerald a well-known expensive jewelers offered wedding rings worth a whopping R45000 that too embedded with Rose Gold diamonds.

Rami Chuene a designer offered to make them traditional outfits whereas, Tomi Rikhotso tweeted that he will be stitching their wedding dresses. Standard Chartered Bank SA branch offered to chip in and collaborate for the auspicious event. Soon after, Lion Lager a leading Sri Lankan brewery company pledged R5000 towards the couples “lobola negotiations”. To keep up the wedding excitement Open View Forever, gave the couple a 42 inches fully installed decoder to enjoy world-class entertainment.

Obviously, after the wedding preparations were covered, brands jumped to cater after wedding panorama and honeymoon planning. Sony Movies SA offered two 3D movie tickets, popcorn, and soda to enjoy and chill. Gautrain, a massive commuter transportation system pledged free rides to and from Tambo to the fabulous Cape Town holiday, whilst congratulating the couple. But Audi South Africa took the cake! They offered a drive which was inkling enough that a car will be gifted. Media channels, dentists for teeth whitening, more honeymoon packages, and even a famous singer offered to make their wedding evening memorable.

Nevertheless, social media can change a person’s life in mere seconds. Also, the gist is to never underestimate how important hashtags are to improve reach and ensue engagement.